Welcome Freshers of the 2016/17 Year!


All of us in your Student Union welcome you all to National College of Ireland and hope you can be comfortable to come down and have a chat or socialize with others down here and we will make it our mission to make you feel relaxed and at home as possible while being in a college environment.

We will have many different themed weeks in the upcoming semester and hope to have as much students to participate as possible to engage in college life and get to know more people around the college, after Enrollment Week there will be Freshers Week in the end of September, where there are events dedicated to the Freshers to all have fun with nights out and day time activities.

Also there will be Mental Health Week, Halloween Ball, and Xmas Ball themes which will be around and also events in between for all students to take part in.

So welcome to NCI, and hope to see you all in the SU!