Hello and welcome to the NCISU Clubs and Societies page! Below you will find all of our active clubs and societies for the 2020/2021 academic year.

If you are interested in setting up a new society, please click one of the icons below to get in contact with us!


5 A Side Football

Hello everybody, the 5-aside society is in its second year of running this year. We host weekly 5 aside games open to all in the college in a fun and engaging environment. It is the perfect place for a kick about with your mates and a brilliant opportunity to make new mates as you go too. In addition to our weekly games we will also host various tournaments throughout the college year with great prizes available! We will try to host as many games and tournaments during this difficult year as we can to provide everybody with a great 5-aside experience .

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Adventure Society

“Welcome to the NCI adventure society! 
Here we travel to places thats suggested by you, Our dear society members or its a surprise trip that we the leaders of the society will plan for you!. 
With covid our trips may be limited but we’ll find a way to still make this an active society by hosting competitions in the nci campus when time and government guidelines allow it, that will make you embrace your adventurous spirits! ” 

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African Society

“The National College of Ireland’s African Society, or NCIAS for short, is a society set up in January of 2020. The society was set up for students of the African diaspora to learn, appreciate and interact with their various cultures in a safe communal environment.

Our society allows for these students to come together and to share ideas with one another. NCIAS hosts fun and engaging events throughout the academic year for students.”

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Arts Society

“Welcome to the NCI Arts Society! Where you do not just find Art here.. but all forms of Art! College is stressful and it can pull a frown upon your face due to stress from all the lectures, studies and a lack of fun time, especially if you havent made any friends yet. Is this how you feel? You jumped into the right page! The goal of the Arts society is to create a stress free zone for students, filling the atmosphere with excitement, creativity and a blast of music! We are talking about poetry, acting, singing, making music and most definitely- art such as crafts, painting and sketching!  Wanna try creating a creative piece while making new friends? Join the Arts society and experience some exciting, therapeutic events and make new friends! Let’s see your talent! Or have fun while  learning how to make a new craft, or while you create a painting or poem etc.For any inquires and to discover what the Arts society has done recently, click on our social media or send us an email!”

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Badminton Club

Hi guys, my name is King In Wong or you can call me Kimmy. I’m the President of NCI Badminton Club & Society. My role is to organize the badminton sessions, competitions and social gatherings if nature permits. For this years badminton sessions, we are scheduled for once a week (day and time yet to be decided) 
Beginners and intermediate badminton players are all welcome to join in to our big family, so don’t be shy to hop in! We would love to give everyone an opportunity to learn and play badminton on the court. 
From my past experience as a member of this badminton club, everyone was so friendly, kind and welcoming, just like being treated as a family member. So don’t worry about joining in as a new member and meeting new faces, we will treat you right. <3
If you have any questions related to badminton, feel free to ask me or our committee members, we’re happy to help 🙂 

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Cricket Club

“Welcome patreons, to the first official NCI Cricket Club. This sporting platform will provide you with ample oportunities to be a part of some very interesting and exciting cricketing events and tournaments which will bring a much needed relief from the hectic academic curriculum. I, Pritesh Tiwari, the club president, along with Rohit Jhadhav, the vice- president and Siddharth Shukla, the PRA, will cater to all your needs and queries round the clock so that we can have a cohesive amd smooth functioning club.Therefore, come forth and register with this club and feed into your cricketing bug and help our vision to become the best Cricket Team among all the colleges in Dublin.”

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Dance Society

In the Dance Society, we hold inclusiveness and individuality at the heart of the society. Our members are from all different courses, ages and dance backgrounds. Our 2 hour weekly classes showcase many different styles of dance. We also allow our members the opportunity to get out of their comfort zones in class and teach classes if they want to! The Dance Society facilitates learning and trying new things in a safe space filled with friendship and fun! As a committee, we want to bring even more styles of dance to the classes and learn more about our members’ cultures. Each committee member has previous dance experience and adore being both the teacher and the student within classes. We are very excited for this year and what’s to come!

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Equality Society

The Equality soc is just there to be a fun and inclusive environment for everyone to express themselves however they want . Last year we took trips , did day outings , attended pink training ( largest lgbt+ training event in Europe) ,we had open debates around various topics that students felt they needed to talk about , we held weekly meetings , ran the “meet your equality soc” campaign ( this included a photo shoot with a professional photographer) , we held NCIs first drag show and ran many  quizzes and talks throughout equality week and shag week . We did all this while being fueled by pizza ,chicken wings and lots and lots of coffee !

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Fantasy Football Society

Welcome to NCI Fantasy Football Society, My name is Callum and I’m the President and my colleague Ed is the Vice President. Our roles this year as part of the Fantasy Football Society is to keep you guys entertained and up to date as possible for the upcoming Football season and throughout through our own Facebook NCI Fantasy Football group. Fantasy Football is all about you being your own manager and being given the task to pick a squad of real life players who score points for your team based on their performances in their own games. We as President and Vice President will you keep you guys updated every week with gameweek reminders/Weekly winners/Other relevant FPl news. So please feel free to join the competitive yearly NCI Fantasy Football league! And you never know your team might win a prize at the end of the year!
Any questions please feel free to email us below!
Importantly join the official Facebook group as the league code will be posted there!

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Fashion Society

The Fashion Society is a social, entertaining and enjoyable society 🙂 We chat about different styles, trends and the best student deals out there! We always do fun activities, if you’re interested in following the latest trends, meeting new people or discovering your own style, this is the society for you! <3

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Golf Club

The National College of Ireland Golf Team & Society aims to allow passionate golfers, both men and women, of all abilities and backgrounds, to develop their skills whilst providing friendship through competition. The National College of Ireland Golf Team actively competes at a high standard, representing our college in the Irish Intervarsity Championship and Irish Colleges MatchPlay Championship. 

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International Society

Hey guys! The International Society, here at NCI aims to encourage students from all over the world to participate in, and welcome other cultures. The International Society will act as a forum for international students providing you an opportunity to meet new people and forge friendships across the globe. We are always ready to provide support or assist international students as and when required in this period of online learning. We welcome you to come share your culture with the rest of the NCI family and to take part in ours. Looking forward to meeting you in person, until then follow us on Instagram @ncinternationalsoc to take part in our online events. Feel free to DM us with any questions you may have.

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Irish Culture Society

Hello and failté! As president of the Irish culture society, I am writing this piece to tell you about what the Irish society means to me and what’s it about. The Irish culture society is our way of connecting all life forms to the Irish culture  that is present today. We want to welcome our students to their own culture and the culture that they are living in. To me, the Irish culture society is a way of connecting with other students with a common interest of learning and seeing more of the culture today. This year is very different for what we had planned but don’t let that worry you. We have online quizzes, walks and hikes and visiting some historic sites. We will also be running competitions throughout the year so keep and eye on the Instagram page. We are looking forward to meeting some new faces and welcoming back some old ones too.

Go raibh míle agus failté!

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Islamic Society

National College of Ireland Islamic Society was founded in 2017. Our aim is to create a
positive & welcoming community which helps bring all of our Muslim students of various
backgrounds together. Our society acknowledges the importance of social, cultural,
educational and religious activities & makes an effort to incorporate these through lectures,
leisure events & charity fundraising.
We hold various group discussions where knowledge is passed, questions are asked &
answered. This allows members to strengthen their knowledge which helps clear any
misconceptions about Islam by engaging in dialogue with Non-Muslim students on campus
& developing unity by collaborating with various Islamic Societies around Ireland.
We don’t just put an enormous accentuation on learning but also on making your time at NCI
more memorable. We organise a range of exciting activities such as ice-skating, culture
week, bowling and a lot more.
Joining the Islamic Society allows you to not only take part in all of this but to also allows
you to meet new people, make lifelong friends & experience various life-time opportunities.

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Men’s Basketball Club

Welcome to NCI Basketball Club, we encourage all students join and take part in both men’s and women’s teams. Our main goal is to develop players in preparation for upcoming games and tournaments which will be announced on our Instagram page so please follow! We are a basketball family and support each other on and off the court, so feel free to sign up if you are interested in playing, whether it’s competitively or just for fun.

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Men’s Football Club

The Football team is a group of part and full time students, who all share a passion and play football at a high level. We had a very successful year last year winning the cup and being promoted to Division 1. New players are of course welcome the team is a great way to meet other students who share similar passions. Team sport is a great environment to be in working with new people is always fun. We are really excited for the upcoming season in Division 1 if you are interested in joining the team will be in contact about trials!!

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Men’s GAA Club

“We are the NCI Men’s gaa team in the college. The team competes in the third level competition and we’ve reached the semi finals of the league for the last 3 years and we’ve also reached the all Ireland finals twice, just missing out on the silverware. The team is a great way to get involved and play Gaelic football for the college. 

So we hope to see yous all out for trails in the coming weeks.”

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Mental Health Society

At the NCI Mental Health Society, we have three main aims. We want to educate people on Mental Health, inform them of the services available and promote good mental health and wellbeing throughout the college. We have done this through hosting numerous events and campaigns throughout the college and working with charities such as Pieta. We look forward to having you join us in the forthcoming year!

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Music Society

The music society is a fun and interactive society that lets you express all your music abilities. We have had events such as Live Lounges (how could you say no to cans and live music) and Karaoke Nights, to make your xFactor dreams come true! Stay tuned to find out what will be in store for this year <3

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Photography Society

Hi guys my name is Cristian and I’m the President of the Photosoc. Along with our comity we organise photowalks around Dublin, hold competitions and capture events around the college that other clubs and societies host. 

Photosoc is a community which everyone takes part despite being a member or not, so if you are willing to get involved in the varieties of activities NCI has to offer feel free to join us during the sign up day or contact us on instagram if you would like to become a member.

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Pool Club

Hey guys! Karl here, your vice president, along with your president Fawaz, we want to welcome you to the NCI Pool club where everyone is welcome. Whether you play casually or if you’re looking to join the team to play competitively, we want to encourage everyone with an interest in pool to get involved and follow us on our Instagram and Facebook page where all information for our events throughout the year will be posted.
 We are a well-established club within the college, and we hold many events throughout the year. Sadly, this year we will have restrictions on our events however, we promise that we will try our best to provide you with the best entertainment possible. We hope that you will enjoy your time with the club and have a great experience despite the pandemic.
From my experience, being a member of the pool club over the past two years has always been great fun fuelled by the amazing people within our community who have always been generous and amiable. I have no doubts that you will make great friends and memories with us!
If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a dm on our Instagram page linked below. We are very excited to welcome all our new members and we will be in contact with what is to come very soon.

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Women’s Basketball Club

The NCI Women’s Basketball Club is welcoming all new female students to join. We encourage everyone to do their best at trainings and matches but also to have fun and socialise to become part of our basketball family. We would love to see new faces whether they’re beginners or play for a club already by our side on the court. It is a great opportunity to pick up a new sport and make new friends. Our key objective is to aid our team to prosper in preparation of upcoming tournaments or games. Announcements for these matches will be posted on our Instagram @nci_womens_basketball and our Facebook @NCI Women’s Basketball very soon so make sure to follow us! Come join and shoot your shot. 

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Women’s GAA Club

The Ladies Gaelic football team is a great club to join in NCI. It’s a great way to meet new people in college and stay active. There’s lots of fun to have in this club and everyone gets to play the matches. 

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