Why vote ‘YES’?

What is a Constitution?

A Constitution is the rulebook that governs and sets the rules for how a democratic organization should operate which is adopted by all the members that have signed up to be represented by that organization. 

What’s being proposed here? 

The NCI Students’ Union Constitution is being completely changed, and the referendum is proposing to repeal the current Constitution and a newer Constitution to be adopted by the students of NCI.

Here is why you should vote ‘YES’ to the new Constitution:

➼ The current Constitution is very outdated, the new Constitution will be more student-friendly and will reflect the practical, day-to-day running of the Union. 

➼ The new Constitution will also give us greater structure and governance so we can be a stronger, more effective Union for our members.

➼ The new Constitution will further define the Class Rep Council and set out rules on how the Council should operate. It will include elements such as Union reporting, which will help hold all officers accountable. 

➼ The new Constitution also introduces a ‘Governance Committee’. This committee will oversee the financial, commercial, human resources, and corporate governance matters of the Union. The membership includes; an independent Chairperson (someone not in the Union or College), the President, Vice President, and two students elected by the Council each year.

➼ The new Constitution further introduces an ‘Electoral Commission’. This committee will oversee all elections (including the class-rep elections), plebiscite, and referenda in the Union. The membership includes; an independent Chairperson (someone not in the Union or College), the President and two students elected by the Council each year

➼ By ensuring these committees are composed of elected student representatives with independent chairpersons, we maintain our independence as a Union with proper oversight across the board

We ask you to vote ‘YES’ to this New Constitution for NCI Students’ Union!

Gym Membership Referendum 

What is the gym levy?

All Full-Time students currently pay a levy for a gym membership with SVFitness. The current Gym membership contract is €80 for all Full-Time students and was voted in by the student body in 2018 via a referendum.  

Part-time students don’t pay the levy but have the option to avail of the membership upon registration at the same rate

Why is this referendum happening? 

➼ Every 3 years, a referendum is put to the students to decide on whether the levy should be extended. 

➼ The current levy expires in September 2021, therefore, students will also be asked to vote on the current gym membership agreement with SVFitness and whether this levy should be extended for a further 3 years. 

What is SVFitness?

➼ SV Fitness is a private Health club with top-of-the-range cardio equipment and a full range of resistance equipment including machine weights, free weights, Olympic platform, crossover machine, cable machine, rigs, and smith machines. 

➼ SVFitness also has a ladies-only free weights area and an individual studio where all classes take place. These classes are also included in the gym membership 

➼ These classes also involve spinning, HIIT, Boxercise, conditioning, and core board, classes. 

➼ Changing Rooms have lockers, individual showers, a steam room, a sauna, and hair dryers.

➼ Also included in the memberships are various ‘gym programs’, assisting students in setting up a consistent gym routine. 

➼ These programs offer the opportunity for students to engage with personal trainers in the gym.

➼ SV Fitness Health club has a very friendly environment with professional trainers to help students achieve their goals. 

➼ SVFitness prides itself on promoting both mental and physical health and working towards a healthier lifestyle. 

Here is why you should vote ‘YES’ to the continuation of the gym membership levy:

➼ Full access to a 10,500 sq ft state-of-the-art gym on campus. 

➼ Includes, induction to the gym, and all gym programs with professional trainers, full access to all group exercise classes (Spin, HIIT, Boxercise, Tabata, & Conditioning).

➼ Full use of the steam room, sauna, changing & showering facilities.

➼ Studio for group exercise classes and fitness trainers available to students at any time.