December 4, 2015

Hi Everyone,

My Name is Stephen Cleary and I am your Students’ Union President. As Student Union President, I am responsible for the overall running of the Union, I represent you with classroom issues, class rep council agreements and local issues within NCISU.  But I am also your education officer and allow me to tell you a little bit about what I do and what I can do for you.

As well as running the class systems I will be there to represent the voice of the students across multiple levels in NCI. I want to ensure that not only is the students voice heard but that it is acted on as a guideline for any plans that the college has for the future and that students come first.

But for me to do this I need you!! The students Union needs Class Reps and that’s where you guys come in. With your input and cooperation we can all work together to make sure that NCI is the college you all deserve and I will bring students concerns to the table and make sure they are addressed.sst

I know college can be a daunting experience, I’ve been there myself and there can be days at the start where you feel it might not be for you but just give It a chance and I have no doubts in my mind that you will grow to love NCI and every quirky little thing about it.

Don’t be afraid to pull me up on the hallway and have a chat, I’m always there to help you in any way possible and I’m known to have a bit of craic from time to time.