As the Entertainments Officer, I take the lead in curating a diverse and engaging events calendar that caters to the varied interests of our student body. From pumping nights out to fun day events there is always something happening at NCI.

We believe that a thriving campus is one where students are actively involved and connected. Events aren’t just about entertainment; they are opportunities for students to forge friendships, explore new interests, and create memories that last a lifetime. I understand the importance of fostering a sense of community and belonging, and each event reflects this commitment.

Get ready for a year packed with excitement! I have an impressive lineup of events planned, ranging from lively social gatherings to enriching workshops and everything in between. Whether you’re a music lover, a sports enthusiast, or someone seeking intellectual stimulation, there’s an event tailor-made for you.

We encourage all NCI students to get involved, participate, and make the most of their college experience. Follow our event calendar for updates on upcoming happenings and be sure to join the Entertainments team in making NCI the epicenter of student life.

For any Enquires about Events or any suggestions Please contact me on Instagram @nci_ents or by email at