Electoral Commission

The Union shall establish an Electoral Commission (the Commission) which shall regulate the operation of all elections, plebiscites, referenda, confirmation ballots or other ballots and advise on Schedule 3 relating to elections. The Elections Manual shall be reviewed each year and approved by the Council.

8.2 The Council shall appoint an Independent Chairperson of the Electoral Commission who shall not have been a member of the Union, staff member of the College or Union for a period of at least four academic years preceding their nomination. They shall be appointed at the last Council meeting of each year and serve until the last Council meeting of the year. The Chairperson of the Electoral Commission shall act as Chief Returning Officer and determine matters of procedure for the Commission in accordance with this Constitution. 

Independent Chairperson: Mr. Oisín Hassan
Student Representative Members:
1. Jennifer Kirwan
2. Eoin Crehan
Student Union Members:
1. Tre Robert
2. Justyne Cross-Smith
3. Jordan Buckley