Governance Committee

Governance Committee

The Union shall establish a Governance Committee (the Committee) which shall be responsible for overseeing the financial, commercial, human resources and corporate governance matters of the Union all in accordance with the law.

The role of the Committee shall be to: a. Approve the annual Students’ Union budget; b. Review the budget once a semester; c. Receive and examine the Union annual accounts and submit the accounts to the Council; d. Appoint the Union’s auditors where necessary e. Approve the policies, procedures and operating processes for the effective running of the Union; f. Determine the administrative terms and conditions of officers’ tenure including such matters as remuneration, annual leave and expenses; g. Oversee the employment and management of staff of the Union; h. Oversee the general financial, governance and development of the Union. 

Independent Chairperson: Mr. William Priestley

Student Representative Members:
1. Kaitlin Moore
2. Anastasia Isakadze

Student Union Members:
1. Tre Robert
2. Justyne Cross-Smith
3. Jordan Buckley