The Learning and Disability Support Service

The aim of the Learning and Disability Support Service(LDS) is to provide equal access to education for students with disabilities, learning difficulties or any condition that might impact their learning. This is done through a consultation process with the student to identify their specific needs and which supports will help in overcoming their barriers to education.

Supports available through the LDS Service include: exam supports, assistive technology, occupational therapy, learning support, library supports, maths support, computing support, access to the sensory room etc. 

Students who wish to register with the Learning and Disability Support Service can send an email to lds@ncirl.ie and attach the relevant letters or reports about their condition.

Sensory Room

Students on the autism spectrum can access the Sensory Room located in the Research Building of NCI.
This room provides a calm space where autistic students can come whenever they are feeling overwhelmed. Students can speak to the Vice President for Welfare + Equality about how to gain access to the Sensory Room.

Library Support

The key role of the Library is to support students to use all aspects of the library resources to maximise your academic success. Students with certain disabilities (e.g. hearing impaired, visually impaired, mobility difficulty, specific learning difficulty) may require specific additional supports to facilitate equal access to the same resources as other students. This is determined during your Educational Needs Assessment with the Disability Officer. Some of the supports available include:

  • Extended library loans
  • Access to electronic books
  • Access to electronic readers
  • Adapted furniture.