Jordan Buckley – Vice President for Welfare & Equality

The Vice President is responsible for ensuring students well-being is taken care of within NCI. It is an elected position within the Union and is contactable between 10am and 5pm Monday – Friday. They are responsible for organising campaigns around mental health, sexual health and your physical health.

Contact details:

Phone: 014498692


Text “NCI” to 50808

This service is an anonymous support line in which students can text at any stage of the day, and begin a conversation with someone who is a trained volunteer and can offer you immediate help.

You will only share what you are comfortable sharing.

They will continue to chat to you until you are in a calm headspace again.


Bodywhys is a support service for people who are dealing with eating disorders and body dysmorphia. They also offer support to those who know someone that is dealing with one of the above. You can find out more about their services for eating disorders through the link here or to find out more about services for body image, you can click the link here.

Contact details:

Support Helpline: 01-2107906

E-Mail Support Service:

Active* Consent

Active* Consent is a programme that is based out of NUIG and looks at educating people around the topic of Consent.They have resources available such as workshops, elearning
modules, drama, videos and social media campaigns. Students’ sexual health is so important and it is vital that they informed about what consensual sex is.

To find out more, please click the link here.

The Consent hub includes answers to frequently asked questions and clear explanations of consent, sexual violence and harassment; an eLearning module for students; information on where to get help if a negative sexual experiences occurs; information on trainings; and more.

To see their Consent Hub please click the link here

You can contact them through their social media:

Pieta House

Pieta House offers professional one to one therapy sessions to those who are self harming or are in suicidal destress. Their services are free of charge and no referral is needed.

To Speak to a therapist when in a crisis:

Phone: 1800 247 247

Text: HELP to 51444

Men’s Aid

Men’s Aid is the only dedicated national service supporting families and men who are experiencing Domestic Violence. They have a dedicated support team to help those who are victims of domestic abuse.

To contact a confidential helpline:

Phone: 01 544 3811


Saoirse Domestic Violence Services

Saoirse Domestic Violence Services provide a range of support services across South-West Dublin and West Wicklow including 24 hour helpline, safe refuge accommodation, safe house accommodation, children’s support services, community outreach support and court accompaniment.

To get more information or support:

Phone 24/7 helpline: 01 463 0000


Counselling & Wellness service in NCI

NCI offers counselling to all NCI students. They have three fantastic counsellors available.

To find out more on how to book an appointment, please click here.